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A List of Useful Documents (or WebPages) for the Proof

Every scientist and researcher must never forget these fundamental truths and basic rules for science or engineering: No science can be a real science, if there are errors in its first principles (e.g. reserachers rely upon first principles as absolute Truths to make discoveries/inventions). Likewise, no engineering can be a real engineering, if there are errors in its first principles. With first principles, Elon Musk says: “you boil things down to the most fundamental truths & then reason up from there”.

The first principles for software components and CBSD (Component Based Design for software) must be based absolute truths: Is it possible to discover accurate description for the physical components and CBD for the physical products? If answers are Yes, is it possible to invent real-software components (equivalent to the physical components by satisfying the description) for achieving real-CBSD (equivalent to the CBD of physical products by satisfying the description).

1. Summary of our discoveries as three simple facts
The above web-page summarizes our discoveries as three simple facts. The following WebPages in this website provides irrefutable proof openly for each of the three facts in more than one ways. The objective is to expose errors in basic axiomatic assumptions and concepts of existing deeply entrenched software engineering paradigm by openly providing all the proof for the three facts and respectfully challenging the collective wisdom of the best minds around the world to find any valid flaw in any one of of the three facts.

Component Based Design

 1  What is real CBD for the physical products?
2  "CBD-Structure" of the Physical Products
3  "CBD-Process" of the Physical Products
4  Sample CBD-application ‘City-GIS’
5  A Simple CASE-Tool for Creating and Managing couplings between the RSCCs
6  Some of the Basic Differences between the Physical CBD-Products and Software Products
7  The Creation & Evolution of CBD-Structure of a CBD-product

Real Software Components

1  What are real Components for Achieving the Real CBD?
2  Brief History of existing Software Components and CBSD
3  Defining Active (or Functional) Components
4   A Useful Method to Discover Essential properties of Functional-Components
5  Differences between Physical Parts and Software Parts 
6  Evolution of an ecosystem of vendors for Third-party Reusable-Components
7  Few Interesting Observations on ‘The Evolution of Useful Things’
8  Summary for 3-CBD-facts & 3-CBD-rules


1  Novel Facts about real components and of proposed CBD-Paradigm
2  A Brief List of Reasons for the Claimed Huge Productivity Gains
3  Exposing Basic Errors in Basic Axioms is a Noble Cause
4  Disagreeing with existing Axioms & Proposing a new set of Axioms
5  Essential to expose the errors in the Basic Postulations of the CBSD 
6  Objective Matters (or Truths) Verses Subjective Matters (or Concepts)
7  Basic Facts about of Real Scientific Research and True Discoveries
8  Brief Introduction & Summary for our Research on GUI-API for building RIA

Other Useful Documents (or References)

1   Brief Summary & Conclusions for Real-CBSD (CBD for Software)
2  Brief Background and Summary for Sandboxing & Versioning
3  Discoveries of Errors in basic Axioms leads to Scientific Revolution
4  Is it a small mistake (that can be ignored without fatal consequences)?
5  Business Experts can’t validate Scientific Discoveries
6  How is it possible to expose error in seed postulation of mature paradigm?
7  Threat of fake scientists & irrational skeptics or unethical experts

Miscellaneous Documents (or References)

1  What is the primary purpose for componentization?
2   It is essential to have open mind to discover objective facts
3   Brief summary of very important Industrial Engineering Factors
4   The first true Kuhnian paradigm shift by nature is controversial
5   A simple Service Oriented Architecture for Loosely Coupling Components in an Application
6   Summary of our Noble Goals & not so noble but certainly Ethical Motives 
7  Few useful quotes of Galileo Galilee relevant when exposing errors in seed premise

Reality of CBD/CBE of any product

1  Twin Challenges for Software Engineering Researchers
2   The Reality & Facts About Component Based Design/Engineering
3   Brief Executive Summary for an Opportunity to Change the World
4   Summary of Wrath One Must Face to Subvert a Dominant Paradigm
5   Kind of Dominant Paradigms that can be & must be subverted
6   Practical Knowledge & Intellectual Knowledge for real CBD/CBE
7  The Objective Reality of CBD/CBE & Facts about the Components
8   Each Components is merely a higher-level abstraction for Modularization
9   Objective Reality & Fact about the CBD/CBE of physical products
10  Is it heresy or fraud to question the validity of untested & baseless flawed received beliefs at the root of a prevailing dominant paradigm?
The erroneous assumption in first principle 'the Earth is static at center' not only derailed the scientific progress for centuries but also resulted in evolution of a complex Geocentric-paradigm that made exposing the error an extremely complex endeavor. It was a complex noble endeavor to expose this error in the first principle, since no scientific progress could possible without noble sacrifices of Galileo and others to expose the error.
Isn’t it a huge error to use the term ‘software components’ as a synonym to ‘software parts’ and blindly relying on this error to define CBD is nothing but using such fake components? Applying brute force (i.e. passionate hard work) for decades to advance software by relying on this erroneous assumption not only derailed all the meaningful progress in the software engineering for decades but also resulted in the evolution of a deeply entrenched conventional wisdom and paradigms (a paradox of many kinds of fake software components and CBSEs), which are making it extremely complex endeavor to expose the error. It is impossible to put software engineering progress on the right track until this error is exposed.

Respectful requesting help of experts in this noble effort for discovering fundamental Truths for exposing the Errors in First Principles for software components & CBSD

It is an irrefutable fact: Today the term ‘software components’ is used as a synonym to the much broader term ‘kinds of useful software parts’. This is obviously a huge error. Kindly allow me to illustrate this huge error using a simple analogy: The ‘dog’ is a specific kind of ‘pet’, so isn’t it an error to use the term ‘dog’ as a synonym to much broader term ‘pet’ (that includes many kinds of pets including a specific kind of pet – ‘dog’). Toady, if one goes to any large trade show, exhibition for the software components or reads best selling books on CBSD, he can find many kinds of useful software parts, except the real-software-components (i.e. essential for achieving the real-CBSD). It was like going to trade show or exhibition for 'dogs' and finding about 45 kinds of cute pets (e.g. birds, cats or fish), except the dogs. Of course, each kind of pet may be cute and fun in a specific manner, but it doesn’t change the fact that none of them are dogs (if one wants a pet that loves unconditionally and is friendly, playful and intelligent).
It is historically well know fact that progress of any scientific or engineering filed would be derailed, if there are errors in the seed or root axioms. For example, the scientific progress was derailed for centuries until the error in the geocentric model (i.e. axiom that the Earth is static at center) was exposed. Is it hard to understand the fact: It is nearly impossible to make useful or real tangible discoveries or inventions by relying on such erroneous foundation?
Of course, many experts would be skeptical by assuming that the brilliant minds in the computer science could not possible make such a simple mistake in 21st century. Unfortunately the fact is that the experts not only did this mistake 45 years ago but also have been and passionately working very hard (e.g. applying brute force) to advance the software engineering by relying on this error (i.e. without even realizing the error). This brute force resulted in creating a deeply entrenched conventional wisdom and complex paradigm comprising countless axiomatic concepts (epicycles & retrograde motions), which today are used to discredit even obvious facts.
Stating the fact that the Sun is at the center offended common sense or insulted collective wisdom of respected scientists 500 years ago. Stating such facts usually attracts insults or disdain form other researchers, which is one of the hardest pains one must endure to expose such truth.
One had no problem finding 25 related works to support each of the errors (i.e. of Geocentric-paradigm), while it was impossible to find any references to support many truths (i.e. of Heliocentric-paradigm). Each of the compelling conclusions such as epicycles and retrograde motion was based on impeccable logic and persuasive reasoning backed by irrefutable empirical evidence. Any expert (e.g. astronomer) standing on the Earth (known to be static at the center) can verify retrograde motion of planets. Now we all know what went wrong. Can computer science afford to repeat the same mistake by not properly verifying such axiomatic premises?
Unfortunately there are no related works for using as references to support our simple three facts, since no one in the computer science see any thing wrong in calling useful reusable or standardized pars such as cement, bricks, wood and steel used in civil construction are components. In today’s software engineering paradigm, I can find 25 references to prove large reusable standardized software part that is equivalent to cement or TMT-steel is an ideal component for CBSD. It is impossible to find even a single reference (i.e. related work) to prove the obvious fact that such software part can never be a component for achieving real CBD.
Unfortunately the experts are assuming and insisting that the deeply entrenched collective wisdom can’t be wrong, instead of try to find any valid flaw in our discoveries (i.e. three facts). Often they deny facts by using baseless excuses or by quoting seminal works and impeccable concepts of existing paradigm created by relying on the erroneous axioms. It is like using well documented epicycles and impeccable retrograde motions to defend geocentric model (without realizing they are using invalid circular logic).
I decided to respectfully challenge collective wisdom of brilliant minds around the world by using this open forum, since it is nearly impossible for any one expert or a small group of experts in isolation to confidently accept that there is an error in seed postulations of such an undisputed successful paradigm that perceived to be comprising countless seminal works and impeachable concepts, which are deeply entrenched in to their collective wisdom for decades.
 If large enough number of experts aware of the possibility of such errors and given sufficient time to exhaust all the unsubstantiated excuses, justifications and invalid circular-logics to defend the error, the experts left with no other option except accept the error.
Many experts use unsubstantiated excuses and/or invalid circular logic to defend current paradigm, for example, by using one or more concepts and works that are directly or indirectly derived from the erroneous assumption that ‘software components’ are nothing but any one of the kinds of given ‘useful software parts’. Using any such concepts and works is no different from using countless epicycles & retrograde motions to defend the geocentric-paradigm.
Any software expert may kindly participate in this noble effort by investigating simple 3 facts and let other experts (e.g. friends or colleagues) aware of the possible errors by referring this website. We humble requesting such help to expose the error & it shall be much appreciated.
  Leading the Software Engineering Revolution
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