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Summary of Wrath One Must Face to Subvert a Dominant Paradigm

The Truth that “the Sun is at the center” faced fierce resistance and wrath from researchers in 16th century. It is true, so this fact subverted then deeply entrenched dominate geocentric paradigm by invalidating large chunks of BoK (Body of Knowledge) accumulated (between 300BC and until 16th century) by relying on 2300 years old flawed belief “the Earth is static at the center”. Saying truth “the Sun is at center” attracted wrath and hostile response from researchers for insulting common sense and deeply entrenched convention wisdom.
Researchers such as Bruno and Galileo had to endure wrath of research community. Likewise, today the Truth that “no part can be a component, if the part is not conducive to be assembled” in the context of CBD/CBE (Component Based Design, Engineering and Development or Building) of any product, have been facing fierce resistance and hostile wrath form community of software experts and researchers. If it is a Truth/fact, it would subvert existing dominate software engineering paradigm and deeply entrenched conventional wisdom or common sense by invalidating many large chunks of BoK accumulated for past 50 years by relying on 50 to 60 years old flawed belief “reusable parts are components, even if the parts can’t be assembled by any starch of imagination”.
It is not hard to invent software parts that can be assembled (or plugged-in), but today no known kind of so called software components is designed or conducive to be assembled. One must understand why we have no other choice but to drag the research community to the courts to legally force them to validate all the evidence and facts. Existing dominant software engineering paradigm has accumulated at least 20 to 30 times more BoK in past 50 to 60 years than the BoK existed in 16th century in support of then dominant geocentric paradigm.
When struggling to subvert a flawed dominant paradigm, fierce resistance and hostile wrath we face would be proportional to the size of the BoK (Body of Knowledge) accumulated for the flawed dominant paradigm. What else can be expected, when an unknown man like me from India insists to any group of renowned proud professors, researchers or experts in respected organization such as Stanford, CMU/SEI, or MIT something that implies that almost every thing he/she knew is an illusion? But unfortunately, in case of such flawed paradigm, many things they feel they know and sure are in fact illusions or lies
We are only messengers and must prepare for wrath for bearer of inconvenient Truth, perceived to be offensive and insulting their common sense. Unfortunately initial response likely would be hostile. How anyone can prove such Truth, without insisting such harsh inconvenient truth to hostile experts?
The reality is, almost no one would even look at the evidence or facts with open mind. Many researchers feel we are insulting their inelegance or common sense, so we would face fierce resistance and many would resort to personal attacks. Almost no one would even give us either an opportunity to present evidence/facts or rebut their false excuses or accusations.It is very hard to find, if any one else have faced this kind of fierce resistance and hostile wrath during past 360 years (since subverting flawed geocentric paradigm in 17th century).
Even if we can convince a small group of 9 to 12 researchers, it makes no difference. None of them is going to risk his career and reputation for us to promote the Truth (by facing these kinds of personal attacks or wrath). We must find an effective way to overcome initial resistance and wrath to demonstrate proof. If we drag them to court, they can’t refuse to look at evidence and facts provide by us and can’t resort to personal attacks in the court until they can prove us wrong. If they resort to hostile personal attacks in the court, the courts have to give us a fair opportunity to respond or rebut false rhetoric and unfair wrath.
The Truth would prevail, only if we can compel the research community to look at the evidence (by dragging them to courts) and initiate large scale debate across universities and challenging research organizations by investing on global campaign via mass media and scientific conferences. It may take 3 to 9 months for collectively accept the Truth, only when no one in the world can find any flaw in our proof. Geocentric paradigm was subverted in 17th century because it was flawed (as it was rooted in flawed unproven belief). Existing dominant software engineering paradigm can be and must be subverted, because it is also flawed (as it was also rooted in untested unproven 50 year old flawed beliefs).

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