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Would any one accept an absurd definition that “Flying is not much more than flapping wings”? Any one who has seen birds and airplanes flying in the sky shall never accept such insane definition. Those who don’t know ‘what is flying’ could discover ‘real-flying’ by observing the aerobatic maneuvers of birds and airplanes flying in the sky. Doesn’t humankind know ‘what is CBD of the physical products’? Those who don’t know ‘what is CBD’ could discover ‘real-CBD’ by observing the design and development of a first working model of a complex one-of-a-kind product (e.g. experimental jet-fighter or spacecraft) or a unique product being invented newly (e.g. artificial kidney).
It is impossible to accept absurd definition “CBD for software is not much more than using so called software components”, if one discovers inherent nature of real-CBD (e.g. essential aspects uniquely and universally shared by design of any physical CBD-products). Our website can help researchers discover ‘what is CBD’, by briefly illustrating essential aspects uniquely and universally shared by design of any physical CBD-product. There is no valid reason, why design of complex software must be different from design of a first working model of any complex new or one-of-a-kind physical product, once researchers discover essential characteristics uniquely and universally shared by the physical functional components for inventing real-software-components that are equivalent to the physical functional componentsby having the essential characteristics.
Please kindly review summery section below for understanding our main goal and numerous obstacles we are facing. A new yahoo user group is created on 1-1-2014 for facilitating open honest discussion on disruptive discoveries presented in this website and following blogs: (1) raju-chiluvuri.blogspot; (2) real-software-components.blogspot & (3) real-cbsd.blogspot
I am hopping that goal of the discussion forums is allowing open and honest debate of scientific facts, presenting empirical evidence and new ideas by using sound reasoning for advancing computer science and software engineering in general and real software components for real CBD for software in particular. The intension and goals of the discussion group shall be limited to open exchange of ideas, observations and facts to discover and research real-CBD for software in a professional manner. I hope to focus only on scientific and technological aspects by avoiding other kinds of discussions such as marketing or commercial aspects.
Today computers science and software engineering ended up with subjective concepts and contradiction, because software engineering has been evolving since 1970s by relying on the erroneous root axiomatic assumption (without validating or even aware of a huge error). Just like the concepts of any other real science and technology, each and every concept in our beloved computer science and software engineering can be and must be objective facts or supported by objective facts.
The scientific progress is discovering new facts for expanding the boundaries of human knowledge. Pursuit of absolute truths/facts is the basic responsibility and sacred duty implicitly shared by each and every scientist or researcher. But many of the software researchers have abdicated their sacred duty. Every concept in our web site is objective fact or supported by objective facts. I never abdicate sacred duty and shall standby to defend each and every concept in our website.
Please kindly allow me to state our goals and obstacles we are facing:
The software researchers 45 years ago erroneously assumed that software-components are nothing but certain kinds of 'useful software parts'; and have been working hard to advance software engineering and CBSD for decades (without realizing and by relying on the error). The goals are: (i) Expose this huge error; and (ii) help discover the real software components for achieving real-CBD for software, where the real software components are equivalent to the physical components.
Please kindly understand the complexity and resistance one would face to expose an error in the seed (i.e. very basic or root) axiomatic postulations of a deeply entrenched paradigm. About 500 years ago, stating the fact that the Sun is at the center offended the common sense or collective wisdom of respected scientists. One had no problem finding 100 related works to support errors 'the Earth was static at the center' & 'retrograde-motion of planets', while it was impossible to find any related work as a reference to support the fact: 'the Sun is at the center'.
The existing paradigm for software engineering (includes software components/CBSE) has been evolving for 45 years (without realizing and by relying on the error), so this error can be called the geocentric model of software engineering. The erroneous geocentric model (i.e. relied on the axiom that 'the Earth is static at the center') derailed any meaningful scientific progress for centuries until the error was exposed in the early 17th century. Likewise, this huge error in basic axioms of CBSD derailed any meaningful progress in software engineering for decades.
Unfortunately there are no related works for using as references, since no one in the computer science see any thing wrong in calling useful reusable or standardized pars such as cement, bricks, aggregates, wood and steel used in civil construction are components. In today’s software engineering paradigm, I can find 100 references to prove complex reusable standardized software part that is equivalent in nature to cement or wood is an ideal component for CBSD. It is impossible to find even a single reference (i.e. related work) to prove the obvious fact that such software part can never be a component for achieving the real CBD.
The goal of this website is to expose huge error in the seed axiomatic postulations of existing deeply entrenched paradigm. Please kindly keep in mind that, discovery and exposing errors in the seed (i.e. very basic or root) axiomatic postulations of even a complex widely accepted paradigm shall result in collapse of the paradigm (even if the paradigm had been evolving and deeply entrenched into collective wisdom for hundreds of years).

The main objective of this website is presenting our discoveries and exposing errors in basic errors in basic axiomatic assumptions of existing paradigm. No one can patent such basic discoveries, so these discoveries can be useful to any one for inventing useful things and file patents. Since we area for profit business, just like any one else we can also invent useful things and patent them for making money on our investment/inventions. But this website is for promoting our discoveries, but not for promoting our inventions. Unfortunately some scrupulous people or people with vested interests using anonymous email addresses might try to disrupt open honest exchange of ideas by resorting to personal insults or side track the debate by raising financial matters with insidious motives. So such personal insults and aspects of marketing of financial matters are strictly prohibited in the forum.


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