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Designing and Building of a New Innovative Product

Many new kinds of physical products are being invented each year, such as the process of inventing and designing artificial-kidney presented in this very interesting vide included below (I recommend finding this video at YouTube since it is much faster). I am sure, the inventors of many of the successful products (e.g. cars or vacuum cleaner) in the market today must have gone through similar process for inventing, designing and building each of the products, for example first working prototype(s) that satisfied the objectives or requirements. For example, the Wright brothers must have gone through similar process for inventing, designing and building the first Airplane. It is absolutely essential to grasp the remarkable similarities between the new software products and such one-of-a-kind physical products (explained in this web page).
Please kindly visit YouTube for this Video (since our web server is very slow)

Please kindly pay attention to 15 seconds bit starting at 1 minute 55 seconds. Let me paraphrase the 15 seconds bit, as I understood it: Essential purpose of the real component-based engineering is ability to look, feel and test each component independently to optimize individually for making each component as best as it can be. Periodically bring the components together to build product for making sure that (a) each of them properly collaborating with other parts, and (b) all the components are fulfilling their respective roles as intended for proper operation of the container product.

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