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What are real Components for Achieving the Real CBD?
The software industry made a huge mistake by assuming that, any useful software module having certain given properties are software components and defined CBSD (CBD for software) is using such fake components. Please review the "Brief History of Software Components" to understand the reasons for the mistake.
One of the most complex task (of this website) is to discover intended meaning of an essential property (named or referred to as “Self-Contained”) of the physical component, where this essential property “Self-Contained” is uniquely and universally shared by each and every functional physical components in the world. Therefore no software part can be a real software component without being 'self-contained' (or having 'Self-contained' property). That is, each and every real software component must have this absolutely essential property named 'Self-contained', in order to be equivalent to the physical components.
Another essential property universally shared by any ideal physical component in the world is "Replaceability", where a 'replaceable component' of a product simple means that the component can be easily disassembled from the product as a unit and reassembled (e.g. after refining or repairing and testing the component outside). Alternatively, the ‘replaceability’ also means that the component can be easily disassembled as a unit and replaced by another new or better component (e.g. if broken or to enhance performance respectively).
Therefore any large software module must be both 'replaceable' and 'self-contained' to be equivalent to the physical components. Hence the 'real software components' also referred to as RSCC (Replaceable Self-Contained Components). In this website, term ‘replaceable’ often means preserving the ability to easily disassemble the SCC from container product for refining or redesigning to make improvements and reassembling the SCC. Only kind of physical parts that are easily ‘replaceable' from a product (even after using the part in making a product) by offering highest degree of replaceability are physical components, even for large functional-components.
The intended meaning of the term ‘replaceability' is very simple as explained above. But one must objectively analyze many known facts and valid observation to discover the intended meaning of the term ‘self-contained’. One must work hard with open mind to discover the innate nature of the physical components. Please kindly read the web pages to grasp the definition for certain class of components referred to as “Active-components” or “functional-components”.
Please kindly note that the physical components are a very special kind of physical parts (havening very unique set of essential properties). It is essential to discover the unique essential properties universally shared by each and ever physical active-component in the world. It extremely important to analyze many known facts to comprehend the differences between the parts for the physical products and parts (or modules) for software products.
Please kindly allow me to state couple of irrefutable facts of the basic science (e.g. physics, chemistry or biology): There exists an accurate description for each and ever physical thing (or being) or phenomena. There can’t be more than one (even slightly contradicting) accurate descriptions for any physical thing (or being) or phenomena, where the accurate description must be based on objective facts. The scientific research in the basic sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry or biology) is nothing but trying to find such accurate answers that are closer and closer to the objective facts (i.e. absolute truths) about physical things or phenomena.
Therefore there exists an accurate answer to the seed postulation for the CBSD and the most important question “What are the real-components” (in the context of physical components). One can discover the accurate answer by objectively analyzing all known facts and investigating all valid observations with open mind. It is certainly possible to discover the answer by discovering the intended meaning of the term “Self-Contained”, So please kindly allow us to suggest a useful method for discovering the intended meaning of the term “Self-Contained”.
This accurate answer (i.e. objective-facts) can be and must be further evaluated by using every known fact and valid observations related to the physical components and CBD of physical products. The answer to this question is not a mystery like “String-theory” or “Higgs boson (or God particle)”, since mankind already knows every fact and piece of information not only discover the accurate answer but also to validate the answer in multiple ways, for example to eliminate any doubt or highly implausible errors (if missed detection, which I feel is very unlikely).
Once the accurate answer is discovered, it is possible to identify multiple large SCC (“Self-Contained Parts”) in any large software application and each SCC can be implemented as RCC (for building application by assembling RSCCs as illustrated in the sample City_GIS application).
Brief Summary & Conclusions for Real-CBSD (CBD for Software)
We are more than happy to help any software research departments of respected Universities or software companies in discovering the accurate answer by demonstrating hundreds of real software components and CBD-structure. We believe this training will take at least few days to go through all the exercises and thumb rules useful for identifying the SCCs in the large applications, and any designer can become better at this craft over time with practice.
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