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Basic Facts about of Real Scientific Research and True Discoveries
The only purpose and true essence of real scientific research is discovering new facts (or truths) for expanding the boundaries of human knowledge. The basic sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry and biology) only deals with matters related to physical things or phenomena. The only goal of any real scientific research is finding accurate answers for matters related to each physical thing (or being) or physical phenomena, where the accurate answers must not only comprise  but also supported by objective facts (or absolute truths). That is, we know today that no real scientist in the world accepts a subjective concept as an accurate answer.
Of course, scientists propose subjective concepts that are popularly referred to as theories. The goal of any scientific research, rigorous experimentation and investigation is to explore every possible way to find an accurate answer (i.e. objective fact) for matters related to each of the unknown physical thing or phenomena. For example, some well knew theories include Big-bang-theory, String-theory and God particle (i.e. Higgs boson).
There can’t be more than one accurate answer (i.e. objective fact - a comprehensive description) for a matter or concept related to each physical thing or phenomena. The accurate answer must be able to explain every known aspect or observation without any error, contradiction or inconsistency. Any laws of nature we read in science and engineering text books can be invalidated by finding a basic unexplainable error or contradiction.
Almost every expert and scientist knows and agrees that the theories are not objective facts but they are subjective concepts. Each popular theory is nothing but a proposed way taken to find an accurate answer by employing rigorous experimentation and investigation. Each popular theory is nothing more than most popular or promising way taken or pursued by large enough number of scientists for finding an accurate answer.
There can be more than one competing theory for finding the only one possible accurate answer. For example, few decades ago most promising theory pursued by most scientists was that the mass extinction of Dinosaurs was due to huge volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Today most promising theory promising theory pursued by most scientists was that the mass extinction of Dinosaurs was due to collision of a huge asteroid or meteor (of size in few miles).
One thing all the theories have in common is: The mankind knows only a small percent of necessary facts and valid observations for finding accurate answers (or compressive description) to explain the phenomena. The scientists use their imagination (by relying on all the known facts and valid observations) for proposing a theory for focusing or directing their investigation for predicting and finding proof for more and more facts and observations to fill the gaps.
Unfortunately today software engineering is built on many erroneous subjective concepts, by assuming they are objective facts. It is an irrefutable fact that: In the context of physical products, the accurate answers for “What is real CBD?” and “What is real components for achieving the real CBD?” must be objective facts. Also there can’t be more than one accurate answer for each of the above questions. It is absolutely an error to assume that, it is impossible to find an accurate answer for any one of the above basic questions (with respect to physical CBD-products), especially without ever even trying to find an accurate answer to any question.
We have all the information for discovering an accurate answer for each of the above two questions. Mankind knows each and every piece of information (e.g. fact or data) necessary for answering each of the questions. In fact, we know many other related facts and observations, which can be used for independently validate the accurate answer of each question in multiple ways. There can’t be more than one accurate answer to each of the above questions and the accurate answer must be an objective fact (so it is absolutely an error to assume that there can be multiple accurate subjective answers).
It is not a complex task to discover and propose an accurate answer (that is also an objective fact) for each of the questions. Today mankind accumulated so much expertise and wisdom on physical components and CBD of physical products, so it is possible to validate any proposed answer in more than one way. Therefore I strongly disagree with rest of the software researchers, who has defined multiple CBSDs (CBDs for software products), which are based on subjective assumptions and postulations by ignoring all the known facts.
Unfortunately few software scientists foolishly argue that it is impossible to discover an accurate description for the real physical components and real CBD for physical products. These accurate descriptions expose errors in the seed concepts of software engineering in general and CBSD in particular. Today there are no missing pieces that can prevent us from discovering such accurate answers for the two basic questions.
Many others erroneously argue that it is impossible to invent real software components equivalent to the real physical components for achieving the real CBD for software products (which is equivalent to the CBD for physical products).  Today I can demonstrate hundreds of real software components and CBD structures for software, which are equivalent to the CBD structure of physical products (where each CBD structure is build by employing CBD process).
If one can find a error in the countless proven scientific discoveries (e.g. Newton’s laws, Einstein’s or Maxwell’s equations) we read in science or engineering books, real scientists will be shocked and scramble to find reasons why there are errors in the basic facts. Having an error in the basic scientific building blocks is equivalent to living a life, which one shockingly learns is a lie. This would cause real scientists to question every thing they believe they know. It may be essential to explore many subjective paths for finding objective facts. But even widely perceived to be the most promising or only possible subjective path can never be an objective fact.
But unfortunately the software scientists refuse to grasp objective facts about real components and CBD. The software scientists refuse to acknowledge even simple and obvious errors in the basic postulations (that contradict many known facts), where the erroneous postulations include (i) useful software parts are components and (ii) CBD for software is using such fake components.
It is an irrefutable fact that, the real science and engineering must only deal with objective facts. Only exception to this rule is, when scientists need to find objective facts about unknown matter related to physical things or phenomena and only a small portion of evidence and pieces of information or facts are available, then the scientists have no choice but to explore all the possible ways for discovering the objective facts (by relying only on the limited evidence and pieces of information or facts).
In such exceptional cases, few brilliant scientists propose one or more theories for explaining the unknown phenomena. Usually one or more theories would be widely selected by large groups of scientists as most promising way for discovering truth (i.e. objective fact), where each scientist likely consider many subjective factors for choosing a theory, for example, based on subjective perceptions, such as how well the proposed theory explained the limited known facts, persuasive arguments or credibility of the scientist proposing the theory etc. Since it is not objective, it is hard to list all factors that attract large groups of scientists for selecting a theory and pursue the way proposed by the theory.
We in software engineering and computer science know for fact that, computer science and software engineering are only dealing with or relying on subjective concepts, even though most of the known facts clearly contradict with widely accepted conjectures and practiced postulations. Today software researchers trying to build upon unproven theories by assuming they are objective facts. Why it is any different from assuming geocentric theory was a fact and trying to explain planetary motion. It is impossible to find any evidence that the software researchers ever tried to validate the existing postulations or try to explains known facts and justify any contradiction by using sound reasoning.
Except computer science researchers and software engineers, it is impossible to find any other real scientist or engineer rely on such untested subjective concepts (by erroneously assuming them as objectives facts) for advancing scientific knowledge in basic sciences or create real physical invention. It is impossible to find such scientists or engineers because, smart people already know that it won’t work, while others shell realize that it won’t work soon by encountering catastrophic failures even at the very beginning.
Why is it not possible to discover accurate answers (i.e. comprehensive description) to the questions “What is real CBD” and “What is a Component (e.g. for achieving the real CBD)”? Almost any competent engineer already know almost every piece of information or can easily find each and every piece of information necessary for discovering accurate answers to these questions (with respect to the physical CBD-products). Hence the software researchers not yet discovered real CBD and real Component, because no one ever tried. In other word, the accurate answer for each of the above two questions can be discovered, if only software researchers sincerely try to discover them.
Again the rule for any objective fact (i.e. accurate answer) in the basic sciences: There can’t be more than one accurate answer to matters related to any physical things or phenomena (i.e. the components are physical things and CBD comprises a physical structure and a process).
Any real engineering works if and only if objective facts are used, so one must try to find and use objective facts. It is an error to use subject concepts, when it is certainly possible to discover all objective facts (especially when the subject concepts contradict many of the known facts about the CBD-products). Discovering these facts and phenomena related to the physical CBD-products not only expose the errors in the basic seed postulations of software engineering but also absolutely essential & hugely helpful in inventing equivalent real CBSD.

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