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The Primary Objective of the website is to expose errors in the seed (or very basic or root) postulations of the existing deeply entrenched software engineering paradigm (Please refer to Technologiesand About Us). Exposing such errors in seed axioms (or postulations) of any widely practiced and deeply entrenched paradigm is an extremely complex undertaking. At this moment we are not focusing on monetizing our inventions and patents.
Our discoveries are revolutionary scientific breakthroughs, proof of them must be rigorously evaluated by highly competent experts (e.g. scientists or researchers from respected research organizations), but certainly not a business problem (to be addressed by respected business schools such as Howard or Stanford). Of course, there might be huge financial implications, when proof for our discoveries are successfully demonstrated and accepted by the research community.
This website referring to our patents and patented GUI-library only to provide empirical evidence, to prove that it is possible to create real software components and build software applications as hierarchies of replaceable components. We have no intention of promoting our patents and GUI-library in this website. Almost every one knows that it is a complex task for a budding entrepreneur or freelance researcher to build a successful business, especially based on such controversial and contentious discoveries, which cretin to face insurmountable skepticism and resistance (e.g. snubbing/insults). So we decided to focus one complex problem at a time, and not work on monetizing our patented inventions and CASE-tools until we make sufficient progress in exposing errors in the seed postulations of existing deeply entrenched paradigm.
We are absolutely confident that we can demonstrate proof, if we are given opportunity. We are willing to offer incentives to whoever thinks that we might be right (based on comprehensive facts and reasoning in this website) and wish to contribute or help us in this noble endeavor to expose the errors in the seed postulations of computer science (and software engineering). We are more than happy (in fact eager) to provide all the facts, valid observations and willing to undergo rigorous scrutiny, if it is necessary for making your final decision.
We are open to discuss and may agree to any fair and reasonable financial incentive package for you to help us in this complex and noble endeavor. For example, let us suggest few possible financial incentive packages (i) life time in-house use-rights to our patents and licenses to CASE-Tools build by our company or contributed by our partners (like you), plus a share (e.g. up to 20% and/or up to US$100 million) of our profits generated by our patented inventions and discoveries (if your contributions resulted in exposing the errors to the scientific community). Of course, your contributions might even be passive, such as building your complex software products by using our patented inventions, if the products provide credible real life example that attracts the attention of scientific community and leads to exposing the errors.
In case of not-for-profit respected research organization (e.g. Stanford, Berkley, NSF, DARPA or MIT etc.), we might consider paying up to US$20,000, if a team consisting of no less than 10 professors or respected researchers willing to spend one-day to rigorously verify our discoveries. There are no strings attached for this upfront cash. We are offering this payment just to have a privilege to demonstrate facts and proof to expose errors in the basic postulations to a team of brilliant minds at respected research organizations, even though it is a huge amount for a small struggling Indian business that already invested for for many years on this research.
We know that we are presenting very highly controversial and hard to believe discoveries that contradict or invalidate many of the seminal research papers and deeply entrenched conventional wisdom or concepts that are pillars of the existing deeply entrenched paradigm. We are insisting on at least 10 professors, because collective wisdom and mutual consensus on not able to find any valid or unexplainable flaw among themselves is essential for such discovery (that certainly could cause true Kuhnian Paradigm Shift). It is more and more effective, if we could respectfully challenge collective wisdom of more and more experts to find a valid flaw in our discoveries, but we can’t afford to pay any more money. Of course, that is also an important goal of this website by openly publishing all the essential facts, valid observations and sound rational reasoning (to humbly challenge the collective wisdom of researchers around the world).
If the research organization or professors chose to support the discoveries and the contributions resulted in exposing the errors to the scientific community, we are willing to consider sharing profits (e.g. up to 20%) generated by our discoveries. If the organization or any scientist is 100% satisfied with our demonstration of facts and proof, I am very sure that they certainly contribute to our effort. Of course, no smart parson would foolishly persist in a path, even after discovering that it is a wrong path. Isn’t it like trying to find planetary orbits based on the erroneous geocentric mode even after learning Newton’s laws of motion and the Gravity?
The above are just few example of incentive packages. We are open to negotiate any such kind incentive packages, if a large and/or respected organization wish to participate in this noble endeavor. Of course, the proposal must be fair and protect our all other interests. For example, any agreement must protect our future stream of revenues from all other sources (except the once we mutually agree upfront in the incentive-package) in good faith, and must not have any surprises and unintended consequences such as effecting our competitive position (in cases of the other potential revenues sources).
We are open to discuss large enough incentive-package that is attractive even to the large organizations (e.g. IBM, Microsoft, Wipro or Stanford). We only need just one such large and serious partner. We are also open to discuss appropriate incentive-packages with up to couple of medium size software organizations, and/or with few dozen individual respected software researchers and experts, if willing to participate and help us in this complex and noble endeavor.
These struggles or battles for exposing errors in the seed postulations of deeply entrenched paradigm can use any help we can get. At this stage of need, we believe, any one contributing in our struggles for obtaining traction to this noble endeavor disserves reorganization. If we become financially successful, it would be a pleasure to reorganize and appropriately reward any one who contributed verifiable material help and/or moral support in exposing the errors in the seed postulations. This help includes, for example, verifying the facts in this website and if satisfied, we appreciate encouraging friends, collogues or employer to verify facts, and evangelizing our discoveries (e.g. so that at least few experts aware that such discoveries even exist). We are absolutely sure, truths in the discoveries and proofs backed by irrefutable facts must and can power the acceleration, if the discoveries gain sufficient traction.

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Principle Investigator/Researcher: Raju Chiluvuri

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