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Twin Challenges for Software Engineering Researchers

The software engineering must address 2 (two) different kinds of challenged (1) Increasing reuse such as using reusable libraries, parts or components for minimizing the custom code that must be implemented for each of the large software products or application, and (2) since over 80% of the software engineering is changing existing or already implemented custom code designed and build for each software product, it is highly desirable to minimize the cost and/or complexity for changing the custom code (that can’t be avoided and had to be implemented, even after maximizing reuse).
Over 80% of the cost and complexity of changing or redesigning the custom code can be eliminated by implementing this custom code (that had to be created for each application) in custom components that can be disassembled (e.g. to redesign and test it individually outside of the application) and re-assembled (or unplugged and re-plugged after testing outside of the application). This kind of components that can be unplugged and re-plugged-in are referred to as replaceable components .
The objective for these custom components is: Adoptable to changing needs at a faction of the cost and the complexity. Each of the replaceable component is custom designed for a target software product or application to fit perfectly (i.e. to satisfy unique needs) and perform optimally in the target software product or application. The replaceable component in no way reduces the reuse or impedes the ability of designers or engineers to satisfy current unique needs and/or ability to redesign the components to satisfy evolving unique needs. The replaceable component in fact increases reuse and ability to satisfy often unpredictable evolving or unique needs.
The designers of physical products such as cars, machines or machinery for factories source reusable and/or ingredient materials such as steel, alloys, plastic or metals from 3rd party makers of respective materials. Each core component such as engine or gearbox is custom design (by using necessary material) to fit perfectly and performer optimally in a target product model (e.g. Camry or Accord). The designers face crisis no different from designers of software, if they were forced to design and build each product without creating and using components that can be assembled.

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