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Summary of our discoveries as three simple facts
Please kindly allow me to briefly summarize the conclusive proof in 3 simple facts, which together explain reasons for ‘software-crisis’ and only possible solution for addressing the ‘software-crisis’. Each web-page in our website provides various pieces of evidence for one or more of these 3-facts and all the WebPages together provide overwhelming proof more than one way for each of the three facts backed by other facts, valid observations and sound rational reasoning.


It is an irrefutable fact (I have yet to meet an expert denying this fact): Today the term ‘software components’ is erroneously used as a synonym to each of the ‘kinds of software parts’, where software parts belong to each kind must either have a given set of useful properties (e.g. reusable or standardized etc.) or conforming to a so called component model. It a huge error. Existing software engineering paradigm and many axiomatic concepts of this paradigm have been evolved since mid 1960s by relying on this huge error.


Except being unaware or baselessly denying the existence of any possible error, any expert I interacted ever shown any evidence that any one in the world ever even tried to offer any rational justification to show there is no error (in seed postulation). If any one can’t realize this obvious error, our website has conclusive proof that it is a huge error (i.e. using the term ‘software components’ as a synonym to the ‘kinds of software parts’).


The solution to fix the huge error: Our website also has conclusive proof to show that it is possible to invent real software components (that are logically equivalent to the large physical functional components) for achieving real-CBSD (that is logically equivalent to the real CBD of physical products). These inventions can secure the huge and ever increasing benefits that the designers of new large or complex physical CBD-products have been enjoying.

The objective of the website is to openly provide irrefutable proof for these three facts and respectfully challenge the collective wisdom of best minds in the world to find any valid flaw in any one of these three facts. When we succeed in exposing the errors in existing fake software components (due to the above huge error), no large software company (or new large and complex software products) can stay competitive for too long without using the real-software-components.
Any one should be able to confirm the first fact independently by investigating each of the known definitions or descriptions (e.g. useful properties or so called component model attributed for each kind of software components) for each of the kinds of software components exist today.
It is not hard for any one to independently confirm the second fact either. Any basic concept of any real scientific or engineering field must be based on facts. It is error to rely on unsubstantiated axiomatic assumptions made based on primeval instincts during the early formative period of the field. It is impossible to find evidence for any one ever tried to provide any justification except blindly denying possible existence of any such error, by insisting that it has been passed on to successive new generations of researchers unchallenged for decades since 1960s and readily accepted by each of the new generations of researchers without doubting its validity.
Today mankind accumulated huge knowledge & tools to reevaluate the unsubstantiated axiomatic assumption made using primeval desires (in the early formative years). When the first fact and second fact are confirmed, any real scientist must reevaluate everything including axiomatic concepts of the flawed paradigm by objectively analyzing all the facts and valid observations for discovering the hidden truth, which inevitably results in discovery of the third fact (and new paradigm): The real-software-components for achieving real-CBD for the software products.
A final thought: An error in a seed postulation derails scientific progress, & exposing the error opens a door for a vast uncharted territory of new scientific progress/frontiers. It is hard to predict what kinds of treasures lie ahead in the real path for true scientific frontiers until  opening the door of truth to start exploring the new uncharted frontiers. Even greatest minds Kepler & Galileo (who opened the door of truth: Heliocentrism, by exposing flawed Geocentrism) didn’t imagine Gravity or laws of motion; otherwise must had speculated the reason for the planets circling the Sun might be Gravity (i.e. some kind attractive force between the Sun and each of the planets).

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