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If one searchers in Google for phrases such as “Is software engineering a real engineering” or “Is computer science a real science”, one can find many articles persuasively arguing that software engineering or computer science are flawed discipline. The basic science was flawed discipline 500 years ago, because it evolved for 1000 years based on unsubstantiated erroneous axiomatic assumption “The Earth is static at center”. Likewise, computer science and software engineering were flawed disciplines, because each has been evolving since 1960s based on the this unsubstantiated erroneous axiomatic assumption (no one ever tried to validate or even aware of its very existence).
Pursuit of the absolute truths (or facts) is the basic responsibility and sacred duty of each and every real scientist or researcher. The scientific progress is discovering new facts for expanding the boundaries of human knowledge. Each of the great scientific discoveries (e.g. Kepler’s laws, theory of evolution, theory of relativity or quantum mechanics) of the past opened up new frontiers for vast un-chartered territories for exploration.
Any science cease to be a real science, when scientists refuse to defend widely accepted basic axiomatic assumptions and/or justify contradiction by using baseless excuses such as their field is unique or different (instead of relying on facts and sound rational reasoning to justify basic axiomatic assumptions). Today many concepts and/or contradictions of the computer science and software engineering are justified by using such baseless excuses.
The philosophers (600 years ago scientists were known as philosophers) might have believed that studying the nature was not real science (i.e. governed by a collection of facts and laws of nature), because then deeply entrenched geocentric paradigm was filled with many inexplicable epicycles and retrograde motions. They accepted the contradictions and paradox is the nature of science. Likewise, today software researchers accepted the contradictions and paradox is the nature of computer science (or software engineering), since today these fields are filled with inexplicable basic axiomatic concepts and contradictions. Unfortunately software researchers and scientist feel that even in future these fields can never be a real science or engineering respectively.
The software engineering paradigm has been evolving since 1960s, by relying on a huge undetected error. Mankind not made this kind of error in basic seed axiomatic premises since exposing the error of then deeply entrenched Geocentric-paradigm 400 years ago. Let me summarize the error and discoveries in three simple facts in this web-page and proof in many WebPages.
Exposing the error of then deeply entrenched Geocentric-paradigm transformed basic science filled with inexplicable epicycles, retrograde-motions and baseless myths to enlightened realization of the basic scientific principle: Any real science must be based on facts and sound rational reasoning.
Today computer science is based on similar inexplicable contradictions and baseless myths (widely accepted as axiomatic facts since 1960s and are deeply entrenched in to the collective conventional wisdom of experts). The software engineering shall be revolutionized: If the error in seed premises of existing software engineering paradigm is exposed, the computer science and software engineering shall transform into real science & real engineering based on facts & rational reasoning.
It is certainly a very complex (yet noble) endeavor to expose such error, since no one believes such error even possible to exist. So I provided all the evidence and irrefutable proof openly on this website to humbly challenge the best minds around the world to discover the facts on their own.
Any scientific Truth must not be Ignored & messenger of Truth must not be Silenced:
Each and every real scientist must know this simple fact: It is impossible to make any real scientific or technological progress by relying on flawed postulations or axiomatic assumptions. The mankind tried that for 1000 years by postulating “the Earth is static at center” and failed. Few scientists tried to make it work by killing Giordano Bruno and imprisoning Galileo for life, but still failed. The hard work of many scientists spanning 1000 years for advancing science turned out to be a fool's errand.
The scientists of computer science ignored the history and have been trying again for 3 to 4 decades to advance software engineering by relying on a baseless postulation, for example, by keep defining each new kind of software components is a kind of useful software parts either (i) having a given set of useful properties (e.g. reuse or standardized), or (ii) conform to a so called component model (without any basis in reality & in clear contradiction to known or obvious facts). At any time since 1970s tens of thousands of researchers working very hard (e.g. applying brute force) to advance the software engineering by relying on this flawed postulation. So far this brute force hasn’t worked either. I am hoping to find real scientists in software field, who would agree such brute force is yet another fool’s errand.

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