Other Potential Reusable GUI Control Widgets

Component vendors may use our "patent pending" processes to create reusable GUI Classes for the many GUI Controls.

Horizontal Slider

ON / OFF   Switches


Dial Knob




Dial Knob

Joy Stick

Control Panel

Two Dimensional Gauge

Double Slider

Multiple Instances of GUI Widgets In Same Web Page

Example For Reuse
(To Present Multiple Instances)


Our technology overcomes all the fundamental limitations faced by the Ajax reusable GUI-Classes from any source. To name couple: 

  1. It is often require that the GUI components communicate (or exchange data) with other GUI components in the application (or Webpage). 

  2. Most applications need to reuse each GUI Class to include multiple instances of GUI Components in a page (hence each GUI Object instance must generate the code-block for its GUI component, so that the variable names in the code-block don't conflict with the names in other code-blocks in the webpage).

If user changes the settings, the above Dials and meters contain Ajax code to communicate the new setting-value to the server and gets an acknowledgement. It may display a wait-clock until it gets the acknowledgement. In case of a failure to change the settings on the physical-system, it may request the latest setting-value from the server and update the GUI component for the Dial to reflect the current physycal state.

The experts must show alternative example to prove us wrong or agree that no one else ever created such reusable online GUI Classes. We think, if other developers or vendors don't learn our process, they could never create such reusable GUI Classes!

If a GUI Control generated by a reusable online GUI Class cannot communicate with other components to "Control" them, what is the use for the GUI Control? Isn't it obvious, such GUI-API has fundamental limitations/flaws?

All the other Ajax GUI-API are in Stone Age compared to desktop GUI-API frameworks!
They are absolutely clueless about the flaws to even start looking for the solutions!
They likely be stuck in the Stone Age until they learn our patent-pending process!

Now you know what to do, if your boss or customers ever ask you to create an online control-panel for a power-plant or power-grid (or even for next-generation IP enabled home appliance such as refrigerator or woven, a dash-board of teenagerís car)! Unfortunately they donít even know that it is so simple to create such online control panels, otherwise they might have already asked you to do it.

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